Anther Geelong Dry – Our newest, delicious drop!  

Sep 6, 2021 | News

It’s all we’ve been talking about in the distillery – and anyone within earshot – we’re beyond excited to announce our newest liquid creation: Anther Geelong Dry Gin

Hmm, how to describe it? It’s a gorgeous gin! Yes, we’re biased. Brimming with bright fresh juniper, vibrant citrus and savoury spice, it’s destined to become your new favourite gin. It has a rich complex texture with a bone-dry finish that is brilliant in a G&T! Each Anther Geelong Dry Gin bottle is infused with local Salt Bush. Plus, the added flair of tasty botanicals: liquorice root, Geraldton wax, nutmeg, and of course, our special blend of juniper. Our team love it in a Gimlet or Gin Ricky. Can you picture yourself sipping on an Anther Geelong Dry Gin cocktail sundowner at one of Geelong’s awesome bars on the waterfront, yet? 🙂 

Anther Geelong Dry Gin is distilled in our Anther Distillery at Federal Mills, a rejuvenation of the historical site that was the forefront of industry in Victoria 100+ years ago. It’s a culmination of our commitment to making Geelong a renowned hub for technological innovation, both here and around the world. Plus, making gin in your home town is fun and yum! We love distilling amongst all the history of Federal Mills. Best of all, when we’re done with a day’s distilling, we can saunter down to the beach (only 300 metres away from the distillery) and watch the sun go down with a couple of cheeky G&Ts. Bliss! 

Each bottle of Anther Geelong Dry Gin represents the past of Geelong’s rich distilling history, as well as its present and future. Nearby, the Corio Distillery built in 1928 produced over 2.2 million litres of spirits per year – including gin – until fading away in the 1980s. 

Why did we call it Anther Geelong Dry? Well, as far as we’re concerned, why not Geelong.It’s where we set up our distillery in the historic Federal Mills, nestled 300 metres from the Corio bay shoreline. Geelong is where founders Derv and Seb fell in love (with each other…and gin); and it’s where we meet Arnold every day when we distil our wild and wonderful Australian Gin. Geelong, and we’re totally biased here, is awesome. We’re a stone’s throw from the exquisite You Yangs, we’re the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula and Great Ocean Road, and we can enjoy miles of natural bush and endless strips of pristine beaches.  

Enough talk, gimme! 

Anther Geelong Dry Gin will be available for pre-release purchase from 6th of September and available from the 23rd of September from the distillery. Here’s a hot tip, if you get in early and order a bottle through pre-release, we’ll ship it out early so you get it before everyone else! Gin for the win! Click here to grab your bottle! Anther Geelong Dry Gin.