Anther Year in Review

Dec 22, 2021 | News

2021 was certainly a tough and arduous year for many – there’s no glossing over that. Anther Gin and Distillery persevered despite government shutdowns, glacially paced mail, and of course, the ever-present Zoom call. Was that water in our glass? We’ll never tell… 

The first part of 2021 was marked with serving our fabulous customers at the Cellar Door and at the Anther Distillery! Something we have grown into and enjoy so much. 

Lockdowns meant staying connected through online tastings and our cocktail competition, which we hope eased some of the boredom out there! 

This year, we rolled out more varieties of gin than ever before. In August came the release of Anther Geelong Dry, featuring local botanicals and flora, including Geelong saltbush and Geraldton wax. 

Later on in the year, we released our collaborative effort with Royal Victorian Botanic Gardens, Florescence Gin. Distilled in concert with botanists and herbalists to unearth new flavours (literally) from the Botanic Gardens, this gin really is “Australia in a bottle.” Also, proceeds from the gin helps support the Botanic Gardens’ conservation and education efforts. 

Then it was time to wake our latest creation, Anther Barrel Aged Cherry Gin from its slumber. We collaborated with fellow Australian distillery Ned Whisky to rest our Cherry Gin in American Oak barrels for nine months, giving it a smooth and dark character. Dr. Derv said, “it tastes like Christmas!” 

We also wanted to partner with as many local hospitality and leisure brands as possible – partnering with the SCARF Community during Negroni Week, to help support industry training for young migrants and refugees. We also collaborated with our fantastic next-door neighbours, 1915 restaurant, as well as the Higher Order sensory experience. 

We were also proud to open the trophy cabinet, sweeping the Tasting Australia Awards in October. We won gold for Picketts Gin, in partnership with the Pickett Group and Spurrell Foraging. Picketts is notable for featured botanicals foraged from locations 400m above sea-level. We were also awarded silver medals for Charismatica Gin, Barrel Aged Cherry Gin, Anther Geelong Dry, and won bronze for Anther Dry and Anther Goddess Strength.  

We were awarded three medals at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), putting Geelong on the World spirits map. We also took home medals in the Tasting Australia Awards and Melbourne Royal held by RASV. 

All the while, we’ve seen some team members move on to new projects and welcomed some new faces – and new cocktails. We had a lot of fun putting together the slate of Halloween cocktails – the Carpenter was The Thing to drink on the 31st

Despite a trying 2021, we’re looking forward to meeting more of you at the Cellar Door and Anther Distillery in 2022 – or we might see you at an event like Juniperlooza. We’re pretty jazzed for the year ahead, with so many great things to come such as the Cherry Pitting Day in January for starters! Rest assured there’ll be heaps more tastings, events, and fun. 

Have a safe and fun Christmas and New Year – and raise a glass to you! Go on, you deserve it.