Florescence Gin

The official spirit of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
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Introducing Florescence Gin


A collaboration with award-winning Anther Distillery. Proceeds from the sale support Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria’s landscapes, scientific and horticultural research and public programs. 


All Florescence ingredients are currently growing at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and Cranbourne, which are home to thousands of plant species: there are 8,500 at Melbourne Gardens and 1,700 native Australian plant varieties in the Australian Garden at Cranbourne Gardens. Florescence Gin includes traditional ingredients such as juniper, coriander seeds, orange and lemon peel. Complimented by a unique selection of native Australian plants such as Tasmania xerophila, a common shrub of the alpine zone and an ancient native woody plant in Victoria.


i”We have enjoyed sharing our knowledge and familiarity with the plant kingdom with Anther Distillery and exploring the properties of new and diverse ingredients growing within our collections. This is a real, one of a kind beverage, the official taste of Melbourne, with the delicate notes and scents reminiscent of the Gardens.” ~ Professor Tim Entwisle, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.


“Gin has plenty of potential for experimentation with plant ingredients. Working with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria meant that we had a whole library of potential ingredients at our fingertips and access to scientists and botanists with an educated hunch about what might work. We enjoyed walking around with Gardens experts to explore and discuss ingredients.” ~ Dr. Dervilla McGowan, Anther Spirits.



What came from the gardens…

Tasmania xerophila – alpine pepper
Kunzea parvifolia – violet kunzea
Zieria citriodora – lemon scented ziera
Baeckea gunniana – alpine baeckea
Cymbopogon obtectus – silky heads
Rooftop Honey, foraged from Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne.

Florescence Cocktails


Anther Spirits bartenders, in partnership with Curious Cabinet, have created a delicious Florescence Gin cocktail for you to enjoy at home. For those wanting a non-alcoholic beverage keep scrolling.



45ml Florescence Gin
20ml Curious Cabinet Strawberry Shrub

Top with soda. Garnish with fresh berries, thyme and edible flower.

Curious Cabinet


Anther Spirits bartenders, in partnership with Curious Cabinet have created this delicious non-alcoholic tipple! For more information about Curious Cabinet and why we love their wares, click the link below.



30ml Curious Cabinet Strawberry Shrub

Top with soda. Garnish with fresh berries, thyme and edible flower.