Incredible Geelong Dry Cocktails from Anther Bartenders!

Sep 23, 2021 | News

Hey Anther fam – we’re proud as punch (with gin in it) to launch our much-awaited Anther Geelong Dry Gin!

We want to hear all about the ways you use our new gin and to start you on your curious adventure we’ve asked our new bartender legend Nicole Meyers to put together five incredible Anther Geelong Dry cocktails you can try at home!  

The Geelong Martinez  
A twist on the grandfather of the Martini with a cherry hit. 
45ml Anther Geelong dry  
15ml Anther Cherry Gin  
15ml Madenii Rosso  
5ml Marionette Groseille
3 drops orange bitters  
Honeycomb glass, with Orange twist   

The Summer Carousel  
Named after the waterfront’s magnificent Carousel, full of deep red and fruity flavour. 
40ml Anther Geelong Dry   
15ml Anther Cherry Gin   
10ml Marionette Mure  
15ml Curious Cabinet Strawberry shrub  
Honeycomb glass, with Blood orange garnish  

 Stingray Bay Sling 
An intriguing blend of rhubarb and zesty Yuzu flavours. 
40ml Anther Geelong Dry   
30ml The Curious Cabinet Rhubarb Shrub
10ml Marionette Cassis  
Topped with Half Soda and Half Yuzu   
Build in Highball glass 
With Berry garnish  

The Gee-Long Island Iced Ocha (Tea)  
A fusion of Geelong and Japanese flavours with matcha and green tea as a prominent ingredient. 
45ml Anther Geelong Dry  
15ml Marionette Orange Curacao   
15ml Origin Tea Matcha powder and Sencha Green Tea blend   
15ml sugar syrup  
15ml lime juice 

The Curious Goblin  
A peachy-keen Geelong dry concoction with a little bit of tartness thanks to muddled mandarin. 
45ml Anther Geelong Dry   
10ml Marionette Peach Liqueur   
15ml Curious Cabinet peach shrub
3 pieces cut and muddled Mandarin
With Soda, Ice, built in a goblin 

What’s your favourite? Do you have your own Anther Geelong Dry cocktail? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!