Our Gins

Our Gins

The anther is the part of a flower that holds pollen, the essential element for reproduction for our botanicals. Our gin’s unique flavour comes from our combination of traditional and native botanicals, and we love being able to emphasise this. Anther also brings to the fore our love of science and the curious. Co-distiller and founder Dr Dervilla McGowan brings her scientific training to both distillation, and selection of the ideal botanicals for our gin. Anther gin is proudly distilled at The Craft & Co in Collingwood.

Anther Gin

Anther Gin is a juniper forward, classic London dry style and is complimented by Australian native botanicals.   It is a spicy, savoury gin with a kick of citrus and a long finish of clove, nutmeg and ginger.  It is bottled at a slightly higher strength (44% alcohol) to give the botanicals extra punch.  Anther Gin is amazing in a G&T, a perfect match with Vermouth in a Dry Martini or Negroni, and the spices in Anther emerge in citrus cocktails like the White Lady or Southside.

Artemis X Taxi

In celebration of World Gin Day 2017, Taxi Kitchen and Anther Gin collaborated with a  gin distilled with Tony Twitchett from Taxi and Derv and Seb from Anther, incorporating tastes of Artemis Gin and Taxi.  There are 20 botanicals including Juniper, Artemisia, and coriander seed, then kombu, shiso, honey from Federation Square roof, finger limes, pink peppercorn, scezchuan pepper and a host of others. Artemis X Taxi is more savoury, with honey balancing the spices and botanicals.  We love this gin in a Martini, g&t or even just over ice.

Anther Cherry

Anther Cherry Gin is the first of our experimental spirits. To make our gin, thousands of cherries are hand pitted then macerated in high proof Anther Gin.  The Cherries are extraordinary, sourced form Spreyton Farm in northern Tasmania and give the gin complexity of flavour and its luxurious rich red colour. This seasonal, sweet gin can only be made in January each year, and so we’re looking forward to our next batch in March 2018.  Sign up for pre-sale emails here

Hand distilled in small batches in Collingwood