2020 Special Release! Family Road Trip Gin


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In February this year, the Anther family trundled up the Hume on a Family Roadtrip to stay with Hamish and Rachel (owners of Reed & Co Distillery) for the weekend. A lot has changed since February, but what hasn’t changed is this amazing gin, and the tenacity of Victorian small business! The glorious gin is a combination of both families favourite things to distill! Lots of juniper of course, but also honey, pepperberry and chestnuts from Bright, saltbush and lemon gum from Geelong. All combined with grapefruit, bergamot, lemon myrtle, ginger and cardamom. Plus a bunch of traditional gin botanicals. Only available online. Drink at home with slices of grapefruit and taste the roadtrip, while planning for next adventure.

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