Anther Cherry Gin 2022


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Anther’s Cherry Gin is an annual release and sells out every year. It is made by macerating hand-pitted black cherries from Spreyton Fresh Farms in Northern Tasmania in Anther Australian Dry Gin. This year’s harvest is lighter in colour with a distinct juniper and cherry earthy nose. The dark cherry fruit flavour is smooth and melts in your mouth! It has a subtly sweet flavour with a little citrus kick on the finish.  

Anther Cherry Gin. Why do we love it?

Anther Distillery co-owner/distiller, Dervilla McGowan said, “This is a labour of love. We adore cherries and the process to create this delicious drop! It would not be possible without friends, family and a team of volunteers who helped us pit the 700 kilos of cherries from Spreyton Fresh Farms in Northern Tassie”. Every year, we gather with our friends, family and volunteers to hand pit hundreds of kilos of cherries. It usually takes us two days to finish the pitting. The days are spent in laughter, eating cherries and drinking cocktails – you can see why it’s the Anther team’s favourite few days of the year!

Anther Cherry Gin 2022 is a perfect sipper over ice or with a little tonic or soda. You can even swap Anther Cherry Gin for the tradition direction of gin in a Negroni!

Try out new Anther Cherry Gin cocktail – the ‘Cherry Pop’, featuring local Aussie made soda, Long-Rays. Cocktail recipe below!
A perfect sipper with ice or follow the steps below for a Cherry Pop cocktail – a much loved staff favourite for knock-off drinks!

Load up a rocks glass with ice, pour over the ingredients and add a slice of orange for a bright jump of flavour!  

30mls Anther Cherry Gin  

90mls of Long-Rays Dark Soda 

Give it a little mix and Bob’s your Aunt’s brother, you’ve got a wham-smacking drink to enjoy! 

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