Sipping on the good stuff – Mum’s Choice

May 12, 2021 | News

Cherishing our Mums is as easy as handing them a sip or two of the good stuff.  

However, we’re not talking about gin at the moment! (I know, right?) In fact, we’re suggesting something a bit more relaxed for that breakfast in bed or mug of early morning warmth – a good old fashioned cuppa tea. 

Our take is that tea and gin are distant cousins, once or twice removed. Tea is all about exploring one’s senses through botanicals and exotic ingredients. We also have to wait a bit for the flavours to come alive in our cups – though distilling gin takes a teeny bit longer than tea to brew. (We may be understating it. A little.) 

Origin Tea is a local teamaker that seeks to “enliven every brew” with their distinct range of elixirs, iced teas, and hand-picked teas from around the world. Sencha, orange pekoe, forest berry, lemongrass – they’ve come up with dozens of fruity and flavoursome combinations. Iced tea syrups, loose leaf teas, pyramid teas – there’s nothing they can’t imagine and brew up! The team at Anther thinks Origin’s outlook goes hand in hand with our own philosophy of experimentation. So why not combine the two?  We got hold of all the amazing Origin Teas to blend up in our own special concoctions. 

Partnering with Nicole Myers, Anther’s fabulous bartender at our Distillery in Federal Mills, we’ve got three tantalising tea-type cocktails to serve Mum; perhaps after hours. Pop by the distillery and Nicole can whip up a couple of fresh ones – for you and Mum! 

The Very Cherry Berry Iced Tea 

The Very Cherry Berry Iced Tea and a perfect autumn afternoon sipper. To make, build the following ingredients in a large glass with ice and top with Capi Sparkling Yuzu Soda.  

45ml Anther Cherry Gin 
15ml Marionette Peach Liqueur 
30ml Origin Tea Orange Pekoe Tea 
15ml Origin Tea Lemon Zest Iced Tea syrup 
15ml lemon juice 
10ml simple syrup 
Small handful of fresh berries muddled in bottom of glass.  
Sprig of mint and fresh berries to garnish.  

The Charismatica Sencha Green  

45ml Anther Charismatica  
30ml Honey Infused Origin Tea Sencha Green  
10ml St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur  
10ml grapefruit juice 
10ml Origin Tea Lemon Zest Iced Tea syrup 
Mix and shake your cocktail with ice and serve in a cute glass.