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Embrace curiosity, explore flavours, entice the senses.

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Anther Distillery and bar now open in North Geelong!

Enjoy locally made spirits and cocktails at Anther Distillery!

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Anther: A spirit of discovery

Informed by science, born from history, and captivated by the enduring soul of bartending, Anther Gin truly is curiosity, bottled.

Selecting the finest botanicals and perfecting an ever-evolving distilling process, Anther produces unique flavours that you’ll fall in love with time and time again.

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We named Anther after the part of a plant that makes pollen. This pollen gives us seeds to grow more plants and make more delicious Anther Gin.

A labour of passion by founders Dr. Dervilla McGowan and Sebastian Reaburn, Anther has proudly called Geelong home. It’s the cherished place where we produce our award-winning gin. It’s the place where we experiment and tinker with luscious flavours and formulations to excite the senses.

Discover the indulgent flavour of science, plants, and history with us.

anther gin 700ml bottle and cocktails

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Explore our award-winning gins and discover your next favourite tipple. 

anther charismatica gin 700ml

Anther Charismatica Limited Release

Charismatica is unique and powerful. It portrays the best of the old and new, paying homage to those who first created true juniper gin, while embracing a world of new botanicals.


anther cherry gin 2022 700ml

Anther Cherry Gin 2022 Harvest

Trophy winning Anther Gin with 300g per bottle of spectacular Tasmanian black cherries from Spreyton Orchards. Experimental gin made from thousands of hand-pitted cherries.


anther Australian dry gin 700ml

Anther Australian Dry Gin

Award-winning Anther Australian Dry Gin is the Anther flagship. Perfect in Savoy classic cocktails, our favourites – a Negroni or an Aviation G&T using Capi Dry, Fever Tree light Indian tonic water or soda.                          


anther goddess strength gin 700ml

Anther Goddess Strength

This gin was made to celebrate the strength of women in the world. We started with Anther at the heart of the recipe and built in extra botanicals including Cubeb, saltbush, honey, maple syrup, damiana and sarsaparilla.


The House of Anther – Our Distillery

Join us at The Distillery to explore the botanical flavours of our gins and cocktails.

Each pristine drop of Anther is prepared, extracted, and distilled in this place of legend, industry, and curiosity.